Health Benefits

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The production of Vitamin D

The greatest benefit of tanning salon sunbed use is its link to the production of Vitamin D:

– Osteoporosis and Vitamin D – Calcium is the main component of bones which our body gets from the intake of nutrients, Vit D3 production from sunlight exposure and indoor tanning is responsible for the intestinal absorption of calcium, therefore to protect against osteoporosis, we need to each meals rich in calcium and take in vitamin D and D3 through sunlight and indoor tanning.

– The heart and Vitamin D – A recent survey showed that 64% of patients with heart disease were deficient in Vitamin D

– The skin and vitamin D – Vitamin D can help with skin disorders such as psoriasis, certain allergy types and acne

– Cancer and Vitamin D – In 2006 Dr. Edward Giovannucci and colleagues determined that low Vitamin D levels cause 85,550 cancer deaths per year.

– Vitamin D and obesity – has beneficial influences on obesity as higher levels of serotonin suppresses the appetite so you will eat less in warmer weather and after a sun session.


– Sunlight or indoor tanning can be used as an antidepressant therapy since it increases the feeling of well being. It boosts serotonin levels (the happy hormone)

– helping cope with SAD syndrome

Pre Holiday Tanning

– Tanning slowly and safely has many benefits as well as preventing burning on holiday

– Individual ‘Tanning prescriptions’ to build up a safe a natural tan. Ask one of our friendly team

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The Best Way To Tan

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There is a regulation governing the maximum UV output of sunbeds. This is generally referred to as 0.3 and is approved by the EU and complies with all British and European consumer safety regulations.

A 0.3 tanning session delivers the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun but without the risk of burning.

0.3W/m2 is the amount of UV exposure that the EU’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) set as the limit for effective irradiance. This limit was then added to the European and British standards relevant for sunbeds. A sunbed with a UV output above this level is deemed as ‘unsafe’.

What you can expect from a 0.3 Tan Right tanning session:

How the skin tans

Our natural skin colour is determined by skin pigment – melanin – and the presence and amount of melanin in an individual is determined by hereditary factors.

When our skin is exposed to UV, cells deep in our skin – called melanocytes – initiate a process where more melanin is produced. This subsequently ‘browns’ as it rises to the skin’s surface producing a tan. UV also causes the outer layer of the skin to thicken. This is the body’s way of building up protection to UV and to help avoid burning.

People will react differently to UV rays – darker skinned people produce melanin more readily. The skin of some very fair people contains very little melanin and, even when exposed to UV, they cannot form melanin, so they will not tan in sunlight or on a sunbed.

If the natural tanning process is rushed, sunburn will result. Our skin has a natural repair mechanism but if this is triggered too frequently, it may become exhausted and result in permanent damage to the skin.

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