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What Our Customers Say About Us

We have received wonderful reviews from our amazing customers about our sunbed shop in Altrincham. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our sunbed shop business and we strive to provide you with the best experience possible.

Absolutely love this place! Lamps are always new, clean and the staff are fantastic! You always go to where the atmosphere us on point and this salon is the only one for me!

Tanya Kharina

Amazing little gem of place tucked away in Timperley, with fantastic staff and products.Top quality fast tanning- beds lie down or stand up models to suit.

Samantha Newton

Great equipment and friendly lovely staff.

Rachel Edwards

Great value for money and very friendly staff.

Paul K

Why Choose Tan Right?


All of our sunbeds in Altrincham are 0. 3 EU compliant .

This means: your tan will be deeper and longer lasting. The tanning process is kinder to your skin.

  • Our tubes are regularly replaced. We do this all at once To ensure that you receive an even tan… not like some salons who replace tubes individually.
  • Our fabulous, experienced staff inspect the beds and rooms regularly, and properly sanitise the bed after each use.
  • We use the best cleaning and sanitising products, specifically designed for sunbeds.

Have you ever been to other sunbed shops where you burn quickly? 

Those sunbeds probably use old or non-compliant tubes, which are deemed unsafe, and your tan will not last as long.

The benefits of great tubes here at tan right sunbeds in Altrincham:

  • Premium tanning results - A Healthy Glow
  • Essential Vitamin D - Top your levels up here!
  • Your mental health can be enhanced, especially for people suffering with SAD, PMS, depression and general low mood.

Your safety, comfort and enjoyment is our priority here at Tan Right Sunbeds!

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Our Featured Products


Monday              11am-8pm

Tuesday              11am-8pm

Wednesday        11am-8pm

Thursday             11am-8pm

Friday                   11am-8pm

Saturday              11am-5pm

Our Pricing

Individual Price List

3 Minutes = £2 (Stand up & Lie Down)

6 Minutes = £4 (Stand up & Lie Down)

9 Minutes = £6 (Stand up & Lie Down)

12 Minutes = £8 (Stand up & Lie Down)

15 Minutes = £10 (Stand up & Lie Down)

Sunbed Course Price List

£20 = 30 Minutes + 6 FREE Minutes

£30 = 45 Minutes + 12 FREE Minutes

£40 = 60 Minutes + 18 FREE Minutes

£60 = 90 Minutes + 30 FREE Minutes

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